Bunny Ornaments - Easter is Just Around the Corner!

The flowers are blooming, bunny ornaments and Easter eggs are in the shops and soon the holidays will be here. Seeing the changes happen is very magical, we get to see flowers grow from being small and closed to beautiful, bright, fully grown flowers. What’s your favourite flower during the spring? Many families like to celebrate Easter in different ways, so to help you all celebrate we have some gorgeous Easter/ spring items in stock. And believe me, you won’t want to miss out!

Bunny Ornaments - Charlie Rabbit

How sweet is this lovely little bunny! The perfect Easter ornament. Charlie holds a little white heart and is the cutest little resin standing bunny who will melt everyone’s heart. Show a loved one how much you care about them this Easter and they won’t be disappointed with Charlie. Stand him alone or with other pieces you have in your home to make the perfect display. I hope you all love this Standing Charlie Rabbit holding his White Heart as much as I do.

Kissing Bunnies

Not only do we have Charlie the rabbit but we also have two utterly gorgeous Kissing Bunnies with White Heart. I really just couldn’t resist this little set of two kissing bunnies with a white love heart. They are perfect for placing in a family environment this Easter. You could even create your own display with Charlie the rabbit and these two kissing bunnies.

Wooden Fur Bunny

Are you a lover of fur but don’t know where or how to include it in your home? Well, this bunny is perfect. We have a Wooden Fur Bunny who sits on a wooden stand with fur and a silver flower chain. It is perfect for sitting in the window watching out or even a bedroom. Can you find the perfect place for this wooden bunny in your home?

You can view our bunny ornaments and full spring collection here. And if you have any questions about our products, please contact us.