You Can Never Have Too Many Candles

I have to admit… I have a slight obsession with candles and our collection seems to be constantly growing! We seem to have a candle in every room, which I love, because they smell and look gorgeous. As our range is always increasing, I couldn’t resist sharing some more information with you. From small, dainty tealight holders to rustic 3 wick pillar candles, we have the perfect collection for you!

Taper Candles (Bundle of 6)
These classy, gorgeous Taper Candles are a staple piece in every home. Whether you are placing them on the dining room table to add extra height or using them on a sideboard for decoration, you can never go wrong with white Taper Candles. Plus, these are perfectly paired with the Zinc Candle Spear which we also have in stock. I LOVE these! They are ideal for those who are looking to create their own displays and are also for using outside during the warmer months in planters, pots and even in festive wreaths.

Rustic Pillar Candles
You will create the perfect cosy atmosphere with these Rustic Pillar Candles. These quirky candles can be placed anywhere in your home. From coffee tables or even in the bedroom, they will add that extra special finish to your room. They are also available in a variety of sizes and colours. Small- 10cm x 7xm wide. Medium 14.5cm x 7cm wide. Large 15cm x 10cm wide.

Auria Glass & Gold Candle Lantern
If you are a candle lover like me and you like to create cosy environments, these stunning, classy, elegant candle lanterns are what you need! On a dark evening lighting a candle, whether it be a Rustic Pillar Candle or a Taper Candle and putting it inside this Auria Glass & Gold Candle Lantern will give a special and sophisticated ambiance that creates a sense of peace and harmony. Just look at how stunning they are…